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This month’s sermon theme: Commanded to Love

The Gift of Love – Ps. Jonathan Gunawan

It is easy to love those who love us back, but the real challenge lies in reaching out to those we wouldn’t usually love. “But love your enemies, do good, and lend, hoping for nothing in return; and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High. For He is kind to the unthankful and evil.” Luke‬ 6:35‬‬‬‬

The More Forgiven, The More Love – Elaine Teng

Our service to God must be motivated by our love for God. Without Him at the centre, all our deeds are done by our own strength, which will not last. If we keep God centred in all that we do, we will surely experience the fullness of His strength, blessings and joy in our service to God and to others.

Defining Love – Ps. David Gunawan

Are we living our lives by the world’s definition of love or God’s definition of love? Jesus shows us that God’s love fulfils its purpose no matter what the cost. Love was demonstrated for us in Christ – a love that does not retreat during hardship, but reveals itself.

Sow What – Ps. David Gunawan

The cycle of blessing begins with what we choose to sow. If we sow cheerfully and purposefully, God will cause it to grow. What we sow will bless others and meet their needs, and they will thank God and pray God’s blessing on us.

O How He Loves Us – Ps. David Gunawan

Love looks like Jesus, who was stripped so that we could be clothed in righteousness. Love looks like Jesus, who suffered for our sins. Love looks like Jesus, who humbled Himself to save us.

Ready to Release – Ps. David Gunawan

If we understand the principle of sowing and reaping, what is stopping us from giving generously of our offering, time, effort and love? Let’s invest into the Kingdom principle of generous giving – being purposeful, sowing bountifully, and with a cheerful heart!


Recent Sermons


Steps – Ps. David Gunawan

The steps God has ordained for us are both delightful as well as difficult; they are amazing as well as uncomfortable. God’s intent has always been to walk with us, but that road is not designed to be quick and comfortable, instead, it has purpose and fullness.

Faith-filled Mothers – Ps. David Gunawan

A mother has great influence in shaping the faith and belief system for their children. With faith as the platform to build upon, this message encourages us to use our gifts with the support of the church. We are not to be driven by fear, but let God’s Spirit work in our lives  to give us miraculous power, unconditional love and discipline and self-control.

Soar or Sink – Ps. Aileen Gunawan

How high do you want to soar? How far do you want to go in life? Our attitude determines whether we soar or sink, it drives our behaviour. If our attitudes are right, good, godly and positive, we are positioning ourselves for altitude.

Source of Strength – Ps. David Gunawan

Samson was a man with supernatural strength, and yet his weakness got the better of him. His arrogance in his strength made him think he could withstand everything, but the weaknesses in his character cost him everything. Without God’s strength, our weaknesses will cause our downfall; but in Christ we have the victory.

Fullness of Life  – Elaine Teng

God’s love has dimensions – it has width, length, depth and height. When you have the love of God, you have everything you need – provision, protection, joy and forgiveness. God wants to fill your life to the full.

Unlimited Refills – Stephanie Tang

The same trial that test us is often the same means that God uses to enable us to minister to others.  Our trial and difficulty can be a vehicle for ministry.


How to be Wise – Ps. Aileen Gunawan

A wise person must learn to strategically  neglect lesser priority. We should invest our lives in holiness and discern what is pleasing to God, not to waste our time on sin. A wise person has a sense of urgency, lives carefully and keeps on going with God’s power.

More will be Given – Elaine Teng

Parables are a gateway to the gospel, it is like a wrapper for a very precious gift that hides the things of God. Those who have a hunger, eagerness and desire to understand, more revelations will be given. The Holy Spirit will illuminate more truth, they will be blessed and have abundance. While those who show no interest will end up in worse condition.

My Grace is Sufficient for You – Kin Yew Teng

When God saved us, we begin to live in a new environment called grace. And it is through this environment that we will thrive and prosper, where we have the freedom to live a godly life. Whatever circumstances that come our way, we face with confidence because the grace of God sustains us.

Divided or Undivided – Ps. Aileen Gunawan

The weeds of worries and wealth are the things in life that arise to divert your path, distract your attention and divide your heart. This message encourages us to unite our heart to fear God’s name, be alert and vigilant and stay within the boundaries that God has set for us.

Complete Destruction – Elaine Teng

We cannot compromise with sin. We have to drive it out completely from our lives. Otherwise it will give Satan a foothold, oppress us and we will face long term consequences. Let the Word of God illuminate you with the truth and the power of the Holy Spirit will enable  us to overcome.

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