Mission Report – August 2017

In response to God’s call to minister in China, Ps Sam and Ps Aileen offered to present a two-day seminar in Guangzhou, China, on how to empower your next generation. The seminar was greeted with much enthusiasm and in just a few days, 114 people had enrolled to attend.

On the first day of the seminar, the venue was full of people, eagerly waiting.  Despite the concerns of some people about religious and political sensitivities in China, Ps Aileen – the main speaker for the seminar – was full of courage as she spoke the Word of God.  She was convicted that there would be salvation, and she didn’t beat around the bush. With the Bible in her hand and no other notes, she taught the principles of raising and empowering the next generation straight from the Word of God. At the end of the first session, at least 14 people came forward at altar call and accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour.

Throughout the three sessions of the seminar, the Word of God was preached with great power and courage. The Spirit of God moved and convicted the hearts of the people.  Beyond learning about how to empower their next generation, everyone who attended was touched and changed by the Word of God.

At the end of the last session, Ps Sam wanted to bless the children. The parents took their kids and queued up to be prayed for. The line kept getting longer and longer; when all the children had been blessed, the parents queued up, then others joined the queue. The people were so eager to receive prayer and blessings that it took more than an hour to pray for all the people.

There was non-stop ministry for the entirety of the trip. Lunch time, dinner time – any time was ministry time. The father of the seminar coordinator had been recently diagnosed with cancer. As we had dinner with the family, Ps Aileen was very persistent in sharing the gospel with him.  To the amazement of the family members, he and his wife received Jesus near the end of the dinner.  Praise God!

The seminar had finished, but the pastors saw the great need and hunger of the people.  They offered to meet those who wanted more prayer and counselling on Monday. From 9:30am to 11:45pm, groups of people came to see the pastors. They came, talked, then cried, and asked for guidance, for prayer, for support. They had problems with their spouse, with their children, with their family; they were hurt, in pain, in sickness. Some had been abused, some were cursed, some were misguided, some were blamed because of their faith. One thing they had in common was a great need for the Word of God to be properly taught. Some had been Christians for 7 or 8 years yet had little understanding of the Bible.  

When we heard their cry for help and saw their helpless state, our hearts went out to our brothers and sisters in China.  Indeed, it is as Jesus had told His disciples in Matthew 9:37 “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the labourers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into His harvest.” 

Following a fruitful time of ministry in Guangzhou, China, Pastor Sam and Pastor Aileen continued on their journey with a powerful two days in Hope Mission Centre Malaysia.

The missions team, accompanied by Josephine from HMC Singapore, battled heavy traffic for four hours to reach Ipoh on Saturday morning. Any tiredness was soon lifted by a exuberant time of worship, where they were blessed to have Vince playing the guitar for the very first time. Over twenty people attended the service at Ipoh, listening as Pastor Sam shared an important Word about blessings across generations. As the service concluded, Pastor Sam prayed for each of the children individually as they came up to him one by one.

Back in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday, they worshipped as one with HMC Sydney, joined for the first time by some people from Ipoh’s Saturday service. Pastor Aileen preached a powerful message from Psalm 127, about children being a heritage from the Lord. The pastors also held a simple but meaningful ceremony for Aaron and Zoe’s 20th wedding anniversary, and everyone enjoyed a special item by Vince on guitar and Caleb on keyboard, who presented the songs ‘How Great is Our God’ and ‘God is so Good’.

It was an incredible blessing to witness Vince and Caleb using their newfound skills in music to praise God and bless others. The training that was sown into their lives was truly bearing fruit, and the seeds planted on this mission trip will surely bring forth a great harvest soon.

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