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The narrative of every story is set within the first few scenes or chapters and yet many have never really read the introduction to the Bible. This series is a journey through the first five books of the Bible - the Pentateuch. It is in these books that God introduces Himself to humanity, establishing the context of Scripture and enabling us to understand the intentions of our loving God from the very beginning.

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This is my Song

Tune into this series and explore what song is emanating from your life. Be encouraged to praise through your problems, to lift up Psalms to our sovereign King, and to make melodies of thanksgiving. Let’s harmonise our lives with God’s will so that we can be a channel of love and hope to those around us.

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The Road to Resurrection

Christ’s death and resurrection happened 2000 years ago yet still holds incredible relevance in our lives today. This series takes us on the life-changing journey to bring about the will of the Father in our lives. It illuminates the path we must follow to receive the new life God has promised us and reveals what we need to change to experience God’s abundance.

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The Mind

Our mind forms the bridge between our spirit and the physical and there is a war that is waging for priority in our mind. Having received Jesus as our Lord, the Holy Spirit now dwells in us, but we have to work towards renewing our mind so that we allow the Holy Spirit to take precedence in our life. In the fascinating 4 part series, Pastor David explores what it means to have The Mind of Christ; living with Peace of Mind; how to perform your own Brain Surgery; and practical steps to Managing your Mind.

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The Ladder of Success

What is success? Many people strive for status, wealth and popularity. In this series, we explore God’s definition of success through the life of Jacob - the man through whom God would build the nation of Israel. All throughout his life, Jacob wrestled with the notion of succeeding through his own efforts. God’s first appearance to Jacob challenged him to consider whether he was using a Tower or Ladder to escalate to his destiny. Like Jacob and Esau, we have to learn how to navigate the Snakes and Ladders in life, but despite our imperfection or how Speckled we are, God desires to lead us to experience Something Higher and Better.

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When life piles on a world of problems, it is often difficult to see God's hand at work. The story of Ruth is a story about a woman who despite her losses in life, continues in her Commitment to her mother-in-law and her God and through her perseverance and heart of service, she comes to realise that God has More in Store. Her mother-in-law Naomi is also not forgotten and over time, God works to bring about a Reversal of Destiny in her life. At the centre of it all is Boaz, a foreshadow of Christ and the man who takes it upon himself to look after Ruth and Naomi so that they may receive their Redemption and Reward. Journey with Dr David Gunawan, Rev Dr Aileen Gunawan and Ev Jonathan Gunawan as they explore the life changing truths found in Ruth.

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Preparing for your Purpose

God has a purpose for your life but are you prepared for what He has planned for you? Have there been times where you struggle to find your feet and to see the road ahead? In this series, be encouraged as you journey with Moses to discover how God uses time in the wilderness to build us up and strengthen our faith so that we can step into His amazing purpose. God’s Word, Spirit and power will enable us to accomplish His plan for our lives.

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Mission: Possible

This series follows Paul through a selection of his missionary journeys. Paul seized every opportunity to spread the Gospel, and with God’s power and guidance, he overcame countless hurdles, obstacles and impossibilities. Learn how you too can step out of your comfort zone to accomplish your God-given mission. His strength will enable you to persevere through opposition and persecution, and His Word will change and transform your character and mindset so that you can see victory and miracles. The question is - are you willing?

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Family Fortress Seminar 2.0

“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15 Learn how to overcome the difficulties and challenges of life by building Christ-centred relationships and families. Discover how you and your family can be strengthened in the Lord to serve Him effectively, and to fulfill His purpose and plan.

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Diamonds are amongst the most sort after gems in the world. Their intricate molecular structure is fundamental to its strength and resilience, while also being responsible for its beauty and brilliant light dispersion characteristics. In the same way, it is the godly characteristics of a Christ follower which make them both strong and a channel through which Christ's light can shine. Through the life of Joseph, Dr. David Gunawan explores the 4C's of godly character (Consistency, Control, Care, Clarity) which are essential to the structural core of a Christian - or as some might say, a Characteristian.

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