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For over 50 years, God called Isaiah to be a prophet to the nations, speaking God’s message to a wayward generation. While many years have passed since Isaiah spoke these words, the message could not be more relevant to our day and age. In a time when people are so focussed on pursuing their own plans, God is calling us to make His purpose and plan our priority. This sermon series explores God’s message through Isaiah, unveiling God’s plan of salvation and holiness through which we find peace and healing.

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The image of fire is vividly present throughout the Bible, far more than just representing a final judgement. From a bush on fire, to burnt sacrifices, to tongues of fire in book of Acts, we see a clear picture of a holy God who desires to connect with His people. In this series, we journey through the various references to fire in the Scriptures, exploring the narrative that is interwoven with the message of God’s guidance, holiness and power as it relates to our lives.

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