ANZAC Day Picnic 2017

The theme was noodles; the time limit was an hour. At Bicentennial Park on April 25th, the people of Hope Mission Centre had gathered with soup pots and ingredients in hand. Laying out stove tops and picnic rugs, it was time for our inner chefs to shine.

Every Homecell prepared a unique dish to share, and everyone chipped in where they could – spooning out broth, chopping vegetables, sharing tips and tricks. We bonded over secret recipes and swapped ladles for sneaky taste tests; the feasting most definitely began well before the hour was up.

By the end of the hour, noodle dishes from around the world were ready to be devoured. Compliments to all the chefs flowed easily as we refilled our bowls over and over again. With spicy kimchi noodles, beef pho, tasty prawn noodles, tonkatsu ramen and more, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

Excellence in creativity, presentation, teamwork and taste were the keys to winning this delicious competition. It was a close call, but both the people’s choice and the judge’s decision named Parramatta Homecell’s fish fillet noodle soup as the dish of the day.

With satisfied stomachs, great company, and plenty of new recipes to try, it was easy to agree that everyone was a winner anyway.

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